Hi,  my name is Brian Jilg (the G is silent)  I am a composer living in Fairfax, Va, a suburb of Washington DC.  My interests in music creation lie in the soundtrack/trailer/ video game realm.  I am working on expanding my studio portfolio and have done some work on music intros/exits for some Youtube channels.  

My interests in soundtracks started at a very young age  with a little known movie called Star Wars. (I was 7).  I had a friend whose father had a high fidelity reel to reel setup in his living room.  First taste of listening to a soundtrack, Star Wars. My imagination was captivated.    The next big soundtrack in my life was The Empire Strikes Back.   It was the first album I ever bought (though my first album was Billy Joel's Glass Houses!)  No joke I was 10.  I spent hours flying the Millenium Falcon in my father's recliner listening to the Asteroid chase scene.  I could see the scenes and feel the excitement.  From then on I have been a soundtrack junkie.    

I am now working out of my home studio writing and producing  my own music.  When I write a song, I include a story, you just have to listen and let your mind imagine.  Looking back on the days of the Millenium Falcon in the recliner, I should have known where I would end up!  I am working on new music constantly to build up my library of music for personal use or licensing for projects.

Feel free to contact me for more information.  I don't bite.  

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