• Hello and greetings to you my valued visitor!  This is my personal site where I post content about my music, videos, and studio life in general.  You will find some free music to download and use in the FREE  DOWNLOADS SECTION on the menu bar
  • I run a Royalty Free Music company as well, SoundGear Productions.  ( https://soundgearproductions.com ).  I aim to provide entertaining  and high quality music and videos for people to enjoy,  but also to provide licensable music for content creators and advertising.  
  • Feel free to join my mailing list and get sneak previews on videos and music before it is released to the public.  Content will evolve and grow here as well, so there may be other benefits down the road.  Sign up is down below.  Thanks!

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Click on the Bandzoogle image to use my personal referral link to sign up for Bandgoogle.   If you want an easy to manage and setup site.. this is the place for you!   It is mobile friendly and you can customize your site.  All sales on the site are commission free (Bandzoogle does not take any of your sales!) 

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